Polling and Opinion Survey Research

can be performed for national, statewide, city & county and district-level studies. In order to provide the most accurate and representative data, the survey research data is gathered using landline, cellular and VOIP telephone phone interviewing that is performed by specially trained live-call survey research interviewers. Spanish language interviewing, secure and open web surveys and telephonic radio ad testing also can be provided. Deliverables in the research product typically include aggregate results, cross-tabulated results (to compare responses by groups, such as men and women), coded and verbatim responses to open-ended questions and onsite or online presentation of the data. Detailed quantitative analysis and strategic interpretation of the research results also is included to explain what they mean, so they can be parlayed into actionable information that you can use to fulfill vital objectives. Although the survey process typically takes approximately three to five weeks to complete from the time of initial consultations to final processing of results, the time line will be predicated upon your specifications, and can be accelerated to meet more timely needs. Depending upon your needs, Paul provides on-going advisory assistance in utilizing the survey results to formulate any outreach or public engagement strategies at no extra charge.

Focus Group Testing

is used in many circumstances as a first step in the research process to gather extemporaneous information that can be used as the basis for developing the subsequent survey research. Conducted at a neutral location and guided by an independent moderator with an agenda of broad topics, focus groups allow for free-flowing discussions in which the recruited and screened respondents from the target audience can talk about relevant issues and matters that are of greatest importance to them. This is invaluable in understanding attitudes, because the information gathered from focus groups can reconcile the chasm that sometimes exists between expectations clients have about survey priorities and the actual interests and concerns of voters, residents or customers that will be surveyed. It also is used as a standalone research product to pilot test new ideas, gauge reactions to advertising and explore unanticipated events or unexpected outcomes, so that response strategies can be developed. You can request a one-page primer on strategic focus group testing, which includes information on pricing and deliverables, by sending an email with your name, organization and phone number to Paul@PaulFallon.com.

Strategic Consulting

is also available for developing and reviewing plans for research needs, providing review and statistical analysis of survey data from other sources, conducting analysis and targeting with empirical data, and advising on positioning and development of new concepts.

For More Information...

Contact Paul Fallon for a consultation about research needs, to discuss current published research or for a speaking engagement about matters of interest to your organization.